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History of this Web Site

This web site was originally created in 1974. Unfortunately, there was no Internet back then, and neither were there any web browsers; so there was no way for anybody to view it. That was probably all for the best, for there was not a lot to see. Finally, around 1996 or so, it was networked and made accessible to all, but there still was not a lot to see. It remained relatively unchanged until 2004, when it was redesigned to use Cascading Style Sheets. There still is not a lot to see, but it's now standard-conforming.

As time permits, I will revise this web site to provide useful and entertaining reading for you, the random visitor.

Comments about these web pages may be sent to me at This is a valid spam-filtered email address. Email sent to this email address must contain the word "http" somewhere in the subject heading (quotes not needed), otherwise it will be silently discarded.

Current Web Site Status

My original web site currently resides at a different location; It's still there, but this new web site will eventually replace it.

This new web site is being created using MODX (see my MODx Hints).

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